Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Pink Cheeked Mademoiselles

At the moment I only want to write about very straight forward things on this blog. 
I think what I realised after my last post is that there are things that at the moment are better left resting in the shadows, its cooler there, more soothing, and safe from others eyes.
Until I feel able to write more intimately and in a way that feels truthful and honoring all I am experiencing ( which I haven't done so far ) and feel comfortable rather than compromised incase I may hurt some people,   then I'd rather keep to the light hearted stuff.

So... Pink Cheeked Mademoiselles, the group I created in September last year has moved to a new venue. It was housed at Coffee, Cake & Kink in London but alas, due to their circumstances, we've needed to source a new residence. Quite a few people found out about the group through the CCK website, but I thought it made sense in these new circumstances to now post about it here.

The group started out as me just wishing to create a space for other women dipping their toe in the spanking/ Discipline/ blushing cheek water to meet, where we could freely chat about our hopes, fantasies, experiences, fears and have fun along the way too.

There are now quite a group of us, although still small enough to feel like an intimate " club" as some come each month, others step in and out when they can, all at different points in our journey. We have topics chosen collectively by the group each month, and we now have a few "outings" planned too, sometimes things are serious and supportive, other times they are light and playful. What I have enjoyed most is seeing women form friendships with one another that have enabled them to go off and be safely and supportingly adventurous together.

If you are interested in coming to Pink Cheeked Mademoiselles and would like to know the address of the new venue then email me at:
It is always on the first Monday of every month and this next meeting on the 1st September will be our first Birthday !

The image is the holding page for our new website.

P.s.  Quite a few very kind French people over the last 11 months have let me know that Mademoiselles is incorrectly spelt, but I have chosen to keep it as such, because my Disciplinarian actually thought up the name, and he is supposed to be masterful at French, so it always makes me smile  ( sorry darling : )  )

P.P.s  It is also currently just for women and this was a thought out and deliberate choice, however a group for Gentlemen will also be starting shortly, and who knows, we may even link up at times :)

Saturday, 16 August 2008

A different kind of grief.

I reach up for the green and white polka dot oval suitcase that I used to run away with when I was 11.
The girl watches me from the bed, sat there with her legs dangling over the side, her head dropped a little but her eyes still watching me, hands clasped in her lap as if almost praying.

I face her bravely, staying composed, trying to reassure.
Placing the case open on the bed, I make sure that the length of satin is neatly arranged as a cushioning, tucking it into the edges, trying to show her the care that I intend to extend to her, even when shut away.

I don't want to do this, it doesn't feel like she has been here very long.
Her quietness is disconcerting but then I know she was still just finding her voice, so I can't expect her to speak up, especially not now, not in this moment.

She feels surprisingly light as I lift her up, ever the girl wanting to please, to make things easy. Partly I think she knows that she needs a rest, that she is weary but I'd never expect her to resist anyway.

My heart is heavy as I lay her gently down on her back inside the case. Her body is limp now and I can fold each of her limbs over the sides of the case so they are resting against her. She knows her place, she willingly fits back in to the case where she was held for so long. 

Her eyes don't close before they first look straight into me. 

" Nobody has even really known I've come out to play " her whisper breaks a little with a flitter that lacks resolve.

I can't let her see my pain, all I want to show her is my faith in seeing her again. 
I can't even speak to her, all I can do as I lay her picture down against the folds of her dress, is show her with my eyes, that she is safe in here, and that I will keep looking after her.

Lowering the top of the case down as she lowers her eyelids and it darkens inside, I grip around my waist with my other arm. I can't quite snap shut the metal clasp, but as I lift the rounded case back onto the top shelf of my wardrobe I know I have to take down the black patent one that sits beside it.

Sunday, 10 August 2008


When laying there across some pillows, face down, with my bottom propped up, bared and framed by my knickers unless they have been pulled back up, slightly quivering and freshly spanked......
Depending on how I have been spanked, it tingles, it stings, it burns, it could be one of many shades of pink, and it is also still ripe to be enjoyed further...
And that could be done in many ways!
Today though I was musing over what sensations feel nice on freshly spanked bottom cheeks, and wondered what other people enjoyed.
To name a few that I enjoy...
  • The bristles of the hairbrush being lightly drawn across my tingling skin
  • Cotton knickers being pulled back up and softly encasing the warmth from my bottom cheeks in there folds
  • Wet knickers being pulled back up and clinging clammily over my pink cheeks
  • Having my bottom cheeks ejaculated over, and feeling the soothing coolness from it being smeared into my burning skin
What about you?

Tuesday, 5 August 2008


Tonight was the last night of Pink Cheeked Mademoiselles at Coffee,Cake& Kink. It was lovely to see everyone and also a little sad as we know that we have to find a new place to convene. 

I did have to leave very promptly afterwards as I had drinks arranged with a very lovely and prolific blogger from this scene. I had such a lovely time, and most of all I know that is because the young woman I met this evening, apart from being just intellectually engaging and very beautiful, she was also the first person I have ever met who is bisexual and polyamorous and near my age.  In fact she is the first person I have come across who shares nearly all aspects of my sexuality, and that is very exciting, comforting, thrilling and heart warming.

Thank you P.... :)
and thank you to my Disciplinarian, who even in his absence gives me strength and love.


Saturday, 2 August 2008

A Little Vignette.

I walked through the front door and you were stood there waiting for me. Calm and present and holding me with your gaze.

" Hello my darling, how was it? "

You held out your hand, and I placed mine into it, instantly feeling safe and aware of my cheeks blushing softly.

" It was okay " I whispered, a mixture of coyness, embarrassment and tired pleasure in my voice.

Leading me up the stairs, you turned back to look at me, " I look forward to hearing all about it..." My eyes quickly lowered from meeting yours to your feet in front of me, as I nodded and held my lip firmly between my teeth.

Sitting on the edge of the bed you pulled me gently at my hips to stand between your knees. Looking up at me, tilting your head slightly to try and meet my constantly averting eyes.

" No need to be so shy sweetheart, I take it from the expression on your face that you did meet your target, and did as I asked? "

I nodded, already a little lost for words, my tummy leaping with excitement and dread and a fluttering uncertainty at what you were going to say or do.

" So you found someone to fuck your bottom mm? "

You spoke in your familiar matter of fact tone. Your complete nonchalance at asking such an intimate question made me blush all the more.

You gripped your knees a little tighter around me and took my hands in yours, encouraging me to speak up.

" Well ? "

" Yes Sir, I did " I bit down again on my lip, trying to turn away from you, wanting to hide my face, feeling naughty and filthy and ashamed, and yet strangely proud too, because I knew it was what you had expected of me.

You always did everything so slowly, it seemed forever that I waited for your next response. It wasn't until you had reached up and started to unbutton my dress that you spoke again.

" Very good darling"

Your fingers purposefully moved through the buttons down the length of my dress letting the fabric fall open in your trail.

My breasts quivered as you stroked past them and I drew in my breath.

" And how is your bottom feeling mm? "

I squirmed a little despite the still unruffled tone of your voice. It was hard to concentrate on what you were asking me, not only because the question itself was reminding me of what a naughty girl I had been, but also because you were now slipping my dress over my shoulders so that I was standing there just bra and knickers, nipples hard, knickers partly stuck to me.

You looked over my body and then directly at me, waiting for my answer.

I tripped out the words, squirming as I moved my weight from one foot to the other. " My bottom is sore Sir...."

" Did he have a large cock then? " Your eyes fixed on mine.

My face heated up and I looked at you with pleading eyes. I had known you would ask me every detail and yet every question left me feeling newly and suitably embarrassed.

" He did Sir, yes" My voice trailed off as under your guiding hands I crouched momentarily so you could unclip my bra.

Just as I felt the prickle of vulnerability and excitement of my breasts falling free, feeling you gaze at them, you took me captive with another question.

" Did you enjoy it? "

I floundered with my answer, red faced and acutely aware of how hard my nipples had become I tried to cover myself.

" Hands on your head darling " and I gasped as in tandem of me reaching for my head, you had placed your hand on the front of my knickers. You cupped me as I tried to keep still, feeling your hand against me there had caused me further discomposure, my tummy tumbling and my throat clasped in an invisible grip.

" I am only going to have to lower your knickers and I will have my question answered sweetheart". 

With which after pressing your fingers into me for a moment, you slipped them into the waistband of my knickers and pulled them down slowly to rest at my knees, and level with your lap.

I cried out softly, holding back from covering myself, squirming under your gaze, and gasping again as you pulled the knickers outwards so that the gusset was resting, exhibited on your knee.

You looked down at the knickers running a finger across the sticky silk satin, and then looked back up at me.

" I think we can conclude that you DID enjoy yourself, you have certainly made a mess of these knickers we brought you for the occasion. "

I choked, my cheeks burning.

" I'm sorry Sir" I squirmed at your tone.

You slipped the knickers right down and instructed me to step out of them.

" Now lets get you cleaned up so that I can put you to bed " and you lead me, naked, to the bathroom.

You had already run me a bath, anticipating me being home at the time we had agreed, and you sat me down on the toilet seat whilst you topped it up with some hotter water. I sat shivering, grateful for the care you were taking getting the temperature comfortable, but knowing that your enquiries were not over yet.

" Do you need to go to the toilet before I bathe you? "

I shook my head, and you took my hand and helped me step into the bath. I felt conscious of your eyes examining me as I knelt down into the water.

You tilted my chin up to look at you, my face flushed and my eyes struggling to settle on yours.

" You are a good girl for getting your bottom fucked today"

I whimpered softly, lowering my eyes and delighting in my obedience. And you started to soap my shoulders and then my breasts gently with a sponge.

" Is your bottom still sore darling? "

I nodded slowly as you guided me to turn my back towards you.