Thursday, 31 July 2008

All firmed up!

Or so I hope :)
I have been away for a little while and lots of things are changing at the moment, so for now it is just a short, perhaps trivial, little post.
It is my assumption that many people who like spanking also like bottoms! And although my own bottom is not something that I spend any time looking at ( unless I am told to in the mirror ) I am starting to think about ways I might just ensure its buoyancy a little longer. 
I could spend time trawling the web for bottom firming exercises but I just imagined that those of us into spanking would likely have our own array of ways to keep our bottoms firmly bouncing under our partners hands. 
I DO believe that regular spankings aide this cause, but I also wondered what other ways women ( and men! ) have found to tone their bottom cheeks?