Tuesday, 27 May 2008

School knickers are finally put away....

as my essay is done!...but I still find myself wearing the strangest underwear...tennis knickers!
I could probably write a whole blog just on knickers and why I choose the ones I do each day, or how often I find I don't have a choice about what knickers I wear, but I rather like that.... anyway, I doubt that is of very much interest to anyone at all :)

What WAS interesting last week was the evening I spent attending a workshop run by Dossie Easton. Dossie is the co-author of a book that was mentioned to me a few years back, The Ethical Slut, a book that influenced my life in various ways as I have grown to feel more comfortable with wanting less traditional relationships in my life. 

Quite characteristically of me,I didn't actually read what the workshop was about but just knew I'd like to meet Dossie and hear some more of her words and thinking. The email I received following my booking did then come as a bit of a surprise...

" Radical Ecstasy..... This workshop is strictly " panties" on, participants may go topless if they wish..."..

I'd thought I was attending a literary type workshop with some discussion! So it was with some trepidation but also curious excitement and nerves, and some reassuring words from my Disciplinarian, that I arrived at the workshop.

The next 3 hours were an absolutely amazing experience and one that I shall be repeating in much more depth for a whole weekend with Dossie in September. 

Below is Dossie's description of what Radical Ecstasy is:

"We are planning a journey into the intersection of BDSM and Tantra, which I and my co-author Janet Hardy have written about in our book Radical Ecstasy. We will start with basic exercises, breath and safety, and then move onto connection and ecstatic practice, with exercises that incorporate SM or D/s and tools from Tantra practice and elsewhere. Genital sex will in no way be required during the workshop, our focus will be much more on energy, connection and transcendent states of consciousness. "

My own experiences of D/s, which are quite minimal, have often felt like they have been teetering on an intersection between sexuality and spirituality, and I certainly believe that when I am held across my Disciplinarians knee after a very thorough hand spanking, or have been caned beyond a point of pain, that I have felt something that I could only describe as ecstasy, a really clear and generously flowing energy, from the roots of a very deep connection.. but it was thrilling and really special to feel something not dissimilar to that within a whole room full of people.

I have done lots of meditation and even trained as a chakra energy healer last year, but the exercises in this workshop roused a completely different energy. Sexual energy! ( or life energy as I believe it to be ).  The room was alive and loving, and my whole body felt like it was continually being wrapped up in an overly enthusiastic electric blanket....
and it was full of laughter too. Dossie was great at not taking any of this too seriously, something I welcome having been to several BDSM nights where the dungeons and floggers just seem to impart seriousness! 

I met 2 lovely women who offered me a visit to their 13 strong polyamourous community in the North of England where they'd be happy to introduce me to some strict female Discipline, and I have some great new techniques that I look forward to trying out whilst being spanked, as I am sure that there is a connection between a warm and sore bottom and spiritual ecstasy :)

For more about Dossie and her touring workshops go to www.dossieeaston.com.
I would highly recommend attending one!
And I kept all of my clothes on and so did everyone else :)


Sunday, 18 May 2008

I am TRYING to do my work but...

I keep getting distracted by Knickers. They just seem to appear on my screen.

And spanking stories.

I just read a very evocative one on Kinky Fairy Tales ( See link below ) by another girl called Olivia, in London.

Knickers, stories, spanking, knickers, stories, spanking, knickers...arghh.... I know what would best remedy my lack of focus!


And to a certain Mr P...

STOP looking at pictures of my bottom!

Hope to see you at Hay.
Olivia X


I have had some lovely words of encouragement from friends new and old about this blog, especially wanting me to write more about the MSc I am doing and the 2 groups that I run, so thank you for that! And apologies....that already I have not been posting regularly.
The deadline for a very important paper toward my final research project is this coming Thursday, so I am quite literally chained to my desk ( a beautiful Victorian school desk I might add! ) trying to focus on that, still having to wear school knickers ( sigh ) and until then, this blog is not being very well looked after.

Olivia x

Friday, 2 May 2008

Chatroom Chapters

The sun is shining and I am out soon to meet my friends new rescued grey hound. As I was getting dressed into my Summer dress ( hoorah! ), and slipping on a new pair of maroon school knickers ( I have been instructed to wear a pair of school knickers every day until I am back on track with my MSc .. Hmph ) I reminded myself of just how lucky I am to have met someone that I can share all of this with!

I was recounting to a girl the other day about the various people I had met from chat rooms in the last few years. Not because I have ever wanted to replace my Disciplinarian but just due to the circumstances in which we have to conduct our relationship making it sometimes feel difficult. 

There was the man who within 5 minutes of meeting me had leant over and pinched my nipple ( Eek! ), then there was the man who fooled me for a long time posing as a girl who I became friendly with, who then introduced me to this wonderful man she knew that I just " had to meet", but they were both him!  ( and I DID meet him in NYC!! ) Then there was the man who spilt his drink all over himself and me, and just refused to accept that I did not want him to be my Disciplinarian until I literally ran out of the restaurant! Not to mention the very strange Norwegian couple.... ( although I was fond of the fresh birch that they brought over with them)..

I'm glad that I am not trying to seek something out in the chat rooms anymore!

Happy Bank Holiday to everyone.