Saturday, 21 March 2009

Touching Base.

It's been a while!

Life has been busy and I've had little time to sit and reflect or when I have caught the odd hour in the day I've come here to write and my thoughts would never settle in to a post.

When things feel balanced, grounded and in harmony it almost feels harder to know what to write, but isn't that a shame if all I feel able to do here is write when I'm sad or confused or conflicted.

I think too that now I have offline contact with many people from this community as well as some private blogging havens that I've been invited in to by authors with whom I most often conversed, my engagement with this blog has lessened.

So, Olivia is still here, and thank you for your emails and messages, and she will be back, all spring like and with some stories ( perfect time of year for some birch stories ! ), she is just taking her time..... and thanking you for your patience.


argentinito said...

muy bueno!

M:e said...

Good to see you still around sweety, and glad all is well.

love and hugs xxx

moonheart said...

What a great photograph! :-) Enjoy the spring and the sunshine....

Mr.C. said...

Well a busy girl is a happy girl, if not a good one.

What a pleasure it was to have a little 'chat' the other evening, recovered our equilibrium have we? Constance hasn't, quite.

OliviaManners said...


Muchas gracias y la bienvenida!



Thank you and I hope to catch up with you properly soon.

With love,


Thank you :)
So much is so lively in the Spring!



I agree, it was a pleasure and sent me to bed smiling. Not sure that I've quite recovered my equilibrium, but nothing that a trip over the knee won't sort out.

Best wishes to you & Constance.