Saturday, 28 March 2009


" There is rare pleasure in obedience. The answer of a good conscience brings into the heart a peace and satisfaction that nothing can destroy. The girl who can fold her hands at night with the knowledge that throughout the day she has been obedient, finds in life a gladness and quietness that nothing else can bring. "


M:e said...

I feel blessed to have that gladness and quietness in my life.

love and hugs xxx

Mr.C. said...

I am sure that there are many who do not have the faintest understanding of this. But those of us fortunate enough to have a close relationship with a submissive girl recognise the truth of it. Constance's happiness and well being are centred on obedience and submission. When those two things are in play, so to speak, she is so very relaxed and happy. If for some reason they are not, she is tense and unhappy. It is as simple as that really.

OliviaManners said...

M:e and Mr. C

Thank you for your comments.

You have both been friends and advisors and people that I feel very lucky to know and with whom I feel very safe and comfortable sharing with about the whole of me.

I look forward to continuing those conversations in our private spaces.

Thank you to you both.


Free Porn said...

My one and only true slave ran her own business during the day and outside work she had a deep need to relinquish control to another. She gained a lot of pieceful staisfaction doing so. No longer having responsibilities and worries was what she craved.