Sunday, 1 February 2009

Sweets. And a little post before a more thought out one.

Yesterday afternoon I had a tea party for 10 of my closest friends. It was my christmas present to them all and I had organised for us to do a range of different activities that I hoped would be fun and inspiring...

Needless to say I also wanted to decorate the attic and seeing as it is coming up to Valentine's, I found heart shaped balloons and heart shaped confetti, and heart shaped biscuits...and lots of love heart candy that I scattered about the place...there was definitely a lot of love and warmth in the room and that wasn't just from the roaring open fire!

Anyway, when I was shopping about on Friday for some little gifts ( I wanted to make up party bags for them like the ones we used to get when we were younger ), I came across the shop Hope and Greenwood. Apparently it isn't a new shop, but it was new to me, and full of the most lovely old fashioned confectionary and gifts.

One particular gift caught my eye, " For A Good Boy " , full of chocolate stars, and I was most disappointed to find out from the Bettie page look-a-like sales assistant that the " For A Good Girl " boxes had all sold out. It is quite amazing how much those words pinken my cheeks and make me smile inside, and I also couldn't quite believe that there were really so many good girls out there that all of their stock had gone! Then I thought of Constance and Mr.C. and their use of gold stars ( which was similar to the gold stars that used to be on my discipline reports last year ) and wondered if perhaps Constance had been SUCH a good girl recently that Mr. C had needed to buy them all.

It was a shame not to be able to buy them for all of my friends but I was happy to learn they would soon be restocked.


A.S.S. said...

Good Girl boxes sold out? How many did they make... 2? lol... and wonder what would be in the Bad Girl boxes?

Todd & Suzy

OliviaManners said...

Hello Todd & Suzy

I think it would have to say " Naughty Girl " and perhaps have either little chocolate hands, little chocolate canes, or in my case possibly little chocolate school knickers.

Thanks for stopping by.


Mr.C. said...

I want chocolate pirates.....and I want them NOW!!!!

How foolish of them to have bothered with the 'good boy' ones at all. They should have tripled up on the 'good girl' ones though.

I like shops like that.

M:e said...

What a wonderful shop. Thank you for posting the link to it. It definitely sounds worth a visit!

love and hugs xxx

Mark said...

Ah Love Hearts!..Many a primary school romance flourished and withered on the strength of their tender words.
Can you get Love Hearts for naughty adult girls? Think of the fun to be had with "Disobedience ~ "Six o' the best" or "Shameless Hussy ~ OTK!". Endless possibilities but one thing's for sure ...I doubt if they'll be selling them in Hope & Greenwood....Mark (aka Boxa57)

Anonymous said...

Hi Olivia:
It sounds as if you made a truly lovely party, I wish I could have been there!
I agree with Mr. C's comment about the Good Boy ones. And I get the same visceral reaction when Good Girl or Bad Girl comes up in conversation...and it is usually from my husband.
Gosh little chocolate canes and hands...oooohhhh yummy..
Take care

OliviaManners said...


I was almost shocked for a moment then as I had never imagined you to be the stomping foot kind of a man!

These chocolate pirates are obviously very important to you.

And you know, there are some Good Boys that like and deserve chocolate stars.


Hello M:e

They do have an online shop too if that is more convenient, although visiting it and soaking in the charming atmosphere was a real treat.



You have finally revealed yourself ;-)
I think Love Hearts for naughty girls is an excellent idea, I have a feeling that there is a company that does make them with your own messages.... a new enterprise for you perhaps!

Thanks for stopping by.



If you are ever in the UK then you'd be very welcome here ;-)
I'll even see if I can stock up on Good Girl chocolates.


Mr.C. said...


I am a victim of being forced to sit through Captain Pugwash on television when I was little.

I can't be held responsible!